Hello, my name shall not be disclosed. I am your average college student, that has no idea what life is.

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tea and books;

Todays been an up and down day. I started it off being content, but then realizing I had a  lot to do, such as studying for my two exams that are at the end of the week, but as usual i procrastinated and did not get that much done. My mother texted me and told me that I need to stop waiting for the last minute for things due to the fact I did not vote. (i go to school out of state, i registered in my state but did not send in my absentee ballot). I just feel like everything is ripping apart at the seam. I have a lovely boyfriend who is always there for me, but relationships are so fragile and can break apart, and I am absolutely scared to be alone. Then again are we not all alone throughout life? We only truly have ourselves in the end. Lately I feel like crying a lot at absolulety anything remotely sad, and I cannot control it. I was crying in the shower, from reading a text my father sent me and all i wanted to do was make myself through up to feel back in control. I am scared of the future, I am scared of life. 

And that is why i started this blog, to document how I feel, without having people from my personal life judging me, but maybe relating to someone out there or having some input on things.

with that, back to my tea and the books. 


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